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Copyright 2009, Tom Andrews, Wildland Art. All rights reserved

Day Five

A day hike to Washakie Pass and above from my Ranger Park camp

for the views, the lakes, the hike, the great exuberance of it all.

Payson Peak

And the South Fork of the Little Wind River

Mt. Geikie and Ambush Peak

Storm moving my way, time to get out of the alpine!

Macon Lake and Washakie Lake

from Washakie Pass

Whitebark Pines

near Washakie Lake

Macon Lake and Washakie Pass
Snow and Rock on the way to Washakie Pass
Dike Mountain

Looking north from the west ridge of Bernard Peak above Washakie Pass

(please use your bottom scroll bar to see the whole panorama)


(Polemonium viscosum)

Washakie Lake

on the way back to camp

Payson Peak

near the end of the day