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Copyright 2009, Tom Andrews, Wildland Art. All rights reserved

Day Four

Backpack from Lizard Head Meadows to Ranger Park

Beginning with a steep climb onto Windy Mountain and then the beautiful three mile

alpine traverse of the Lizard Head Trail

Cirque of the Towers

From breakfast at the edge of an unnamed lake

near Lizard Head Meadows.

The peace that surpasses all understanding.

Lizard Head Peak and Bear Lake on the right

Mitchell Peak on the left and the valley of the North Popo Agie River below

View from the climb up Lizard Head Trail

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Lizard Head Peak and Unnamed Lake

The small remaining glacier above the lake on the north side of the peak is doomed to disappear from the relentless assault of global warming.

Ice will melt, thousands of species will become extinct, and millions of people will die;

And yet little is being done to avert the worst.

Panorama to the NW from the alpine tundra of the Lizard Head Trail

Grave Lake in the valley below. Mountains forever.

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Valentine Lake