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Most of the earlier photographs on this website were taken with a medium-format (6x7cm) camera. In my studio, I made high quality scans of my original transparencies and then used a Macintosh computer to do basic color correction and print sizing. More recently I have adopted digital cameras for my photography, particularly while on long backpacking trips. The computer darkroom is used in much the same way a regular color dark room operates (e.g. dodging, burning, cropping); however, it allows significantly finer and subtler control. Other than occasional cropping, nothing has been added or subtracted from the original transparency or digital file. I personally made the final prints on my wide-format color printer (an Epson 10000) using archival pigment inks. These prints will last longer than those from other color photographic processes and are more archival than ilfochromes (cibachromes), dye-transfer, or Lightjet prints. The final prints are matted and hinge-mounted to museum standards using acid-free 100% cotton rag mount board. I am devoted to making the finest photographic prints I can possibly make.

New prices as of August 7, 2015
Matted and framed prints are currently available in the following sizes:

Print Size Mat Size
Price Matted
Price Framed
12" x 15" 18" x 21" $95 $175
16" x 20" 22" x 26" $180 $280
20" x 25" 28" x 33" $280 $390
32" x 40" laminated please inquire $890
40" x 50" laminated please inquire please inquire
(for the pricing of panoramic images click here)

Each image is being printed exclusively in a single limited edition. Each limited edition includes prints made in all sizes. Some images are in limited editions of 250 prints plus three Artist Proofs.    An increase in print prices will automatically occur after the 50th, 100th, 150th, and 200th prints are sold.   Other images are in limited editions of 80 prints plus three Artist Proofs with automatic price increases after the 20th, 40th, 60th, and 70th prints are sold. Currently prices are the same for both edition sizes. Please inquire if you want to know in which edition size a particular image is being printed. Prints from my most recent collections are of variable price and size availability.

Current framing is done using elegant solid hardwood frames (Picture Woods) in several frame styles. My current favorite woods are cherry with a dark cherry finish and walnut with an ebony finish. Maple, oak, and ash are also available. I offer either UV-blocking TruVue Conservation glass (standard) or an ultra-clear non-reflective glass.  I will be glad to discuss alternative framing options.  Prints 32" x 40" and 40" x 50" are offered mounted on a rigid archival board with a protective ultra-thin UV-blocking laminate coating and framed without mat or glass. The laminate coating is practically invisible and reflection free.

Please contact Tom Andrews at tandrews@boulder.net for additional
information and the purchase of photographs.

Many of my photographs can also be purchased at

The Old Gallery on Hwy 7 in Allenspark, Colorado, www.allensparkoldgallery.com.

and formerly throughThe Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver, Colorado,
Unfortunately, as of May 2011, Camera Obscura Gallery is permanently closed.

and also formerly through The Blue Horse Gallery in Estes Park, Colorado,
970-577-1288 (this gallery also unfortunately closed).

A custom-made, hand-bound, limited-edition book (click for details and views)
of 22 original photographs is also available from Tom Andrews

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