Bigtooth Maples - Zion National Park - Utah

Bigtooth maple, Acer grandidentatum, (also known as canyon maple) is a close relative
of the eastern sugar maple. The bigtooth maple grows primarily in the states of Utah, Arizona,
and New Mexico. I have photographed bigtooth maples in Zion and elsewhere in the Southwest
on a number of previous occasions and a few of these images can be found on this Wildlandart website.
At their peak of fall color, bigtooth maples can be an exceptionally brilliant (knock your socks off)
(Click here). However, after a freeze or later in the fall, the foliage often becomes a varied pallet
of softer colors
(Click here). During November of 2008, my wife Dianne and I camped for a week
or so in Zion and the images below are from this late fall trip. I became particularly
entranced by the bigtooth maples and devoted many exposures to them.
These twenty images and the panorama below are part of an ongoing Bigtooth Maple Series.

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