Glacier National Park, Montana

I spent most of August 2011 backpacking, hiking and photographing in Glacier National Park,
a new place to explore. I was entranced and hope that these 78 photographs
give some feel for this amazing wilderness park.

Though Glacier National Park has lost over 80% of its glaciers to global warming
and is a very early warning for the profound changes to Earth
and its human and non-human inhabitants in the years and decades ahead,
it remains a phenomenally beautiful and exciting place.

To experience loss, the loss of glaciers, family, friends or to contemplate
the potential future loss of a habitable planet as a result of climate change,
is a source for deep grieving. Nevertheless, I post these images in a reminder to myself
and hopefully others that great joy and beauty
are often within our grasp if we are open to them.

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All photographic images - Copyright 2013, Tom Andrews, Wildland Art. All rights reserved