Monsoon Collection
Dianne and I camped on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for several weeks during the summer of 2004 to explore the old-growth ponderosa pine forests and photograph the canyon and surrounding wilderness. August is the height of "monsoon" season in Arizona, when moist air from the Gulf brings frequent afternoon thunderstorms. I have always loved the sky and the impermanent drama of passing cloud. Though there is something of Steiglitz's "equivalents" in many cloudscapes, I tend not to experience the sky in relation to an inner world, but to become lost in the emptiness of its amorphous form. From many vantage points, the vast space below the rim of the Grand Canyon blends with the larger sky above to create a fully sensual experience of overwhelming and incomprehensible scale. Here are some images from these travels, including a few skies from over Hovenweep National Monument in Utah and Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado on our return home.

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